A lumber is obtained by the longitudinal division of round timber (logs), as well as the longitudinal and transverse dividing of parts.

Such lumber as edged board and timber are the most popular in our time. Lumber edging and timber are characterized by exact geometric dimensions, linearity and stability of parameters during storage and transportation.
Timber has been used for the production of furniture and building since ancient times. Even our distant ancestors first began their application and assess the merits of different wood species. Wood and timber are probably the most reliable option for people who care about their health and strive to make their home environmentally friendly.

Our company produces lumber of various geometric sizes depending on the orders of such species as beech, oak, spruce, pine, linden, ash. Our products are used by manufacturers of furniture, flooring and other decorative elements.

Cutting lumber

  • Species: beech, oak, linden, pine, ash, spruce.
  • Dimensions: depend on the order
  • Humidity: natural humidity 30-40%