Rotary cut veneer

Rotary cut veneer is made of solid and soft wood species using special shelling machine, which is used in wood treatment. Usually it is a thin, wide, long, has a special “water” image, which is obtained from contact of the knife with the growth rings of a tree. In the production of veneer we use different types of wood: beech, alder, pine and aspen. The thickness of rotary cut veneer is 1.0-2.2 mm.

This type is widely used during the production of bent-glued products, wood-layer plastics, plywood, laminated wood, and also can use in the veneering of certain pieces of furniture. Often you can see the rotary cut veneer in finishing works, making them extraordinary uniqueness.

Rotary cut veneer

  • Type: natural veneer
  • Thickness: 1.0 mm – 2.2 mm
  • Moisture: 4-8%
  • Width: 150mm – 2600mm
  • Length: 400mm – 3000mm