Sliced veneer

A sliced veneer obtained by cutting (slicing) the ordinary beam with blades which are designed for this on specialized machines. The final size in this case will be equal to the width of the beam. This kind of material is most often used when decorating facades of furniture or furnishing in general. If you want to demonstrate the richness and beauty of wood, then sliced veneer is exactly what you need. Slices can be performed in different ways: in the transverse or longitudinal side of a tree. And no matter in which way it is done, each sheet of veneer will have its own unique structure. Also, this material is an integral part of decoration.
Sliced veneer is a material that is most prevalent in furniture production. It has high aesthetic qualities and is used for finishing of furniture fronts. You can list a large number of advantages of this veneer:

  1. original unique patterns;
  2. you can trace the outline of the annual rings of a tree;
  3. “live” picture that is impossible to fake;
  4. natural shades of wood.

Our company produces high quality veneers of such woods as oak, beech, ash, maple, poplar which are present on the commodity market of Ukraine. We practice also the production of veneer from imported, exotic wood species.

Assortment natural wood veneer

  • Type: natural veneer
  • Thickness: 0.5 mm – 3.2 mm
  • Humidity: 8-12%
  • Width: from 100mm and above
  • Length: 600-4000mm.
  • Cutting type: quarter, crown.

American Walnuts

Quarter Beech

Crown Beech

Quarter Oak

Crown Oak


Red oak